The pandemic – what we lose / what we gain

by Lekkerwerken GmbH

The vision of ReMedium Verlag is to create a platform for forward-looking thoughts with its books, and gathers inspiring texts from different sub-areas of culture – in this sense, the 15-part publication series "The Pandemic - what we lose / what we gain" sees itself as a provider of ideas for social transformation in times of the Corona Pandemic.

Crises are best mastered by asking about their opportunities for growth and further development. In this spirit, renowned authors such as philosopher Christoph Quarch, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and Barbara Pachl-Eberhart look at values such as security, wisdom and joy from this perspective. They trace where the opportunities might lie in a changing world.

Following these impulses, the essays are self-confident, hopeful and of high quality – each with individual coloring and cover images that depict the world of crisis but also that of hope. For this purpose, Hamburg based photographer Marco Grundt and the actor couple Ann-Cathrin Sudhoff and Dirk Hoener have expressed their interpretation of the respective themes in a situational event.

The high-quality produced anthology unites the series of writings, originally conceived in individual parts, in a weighty stiff brochure. The two-color, open thread stitching provides insight into the binding and ensures optimal impact when reading the 554-page publication. The iridescent foil embossing of the title reflects the diversity of the topics, which are also visible in the book's cover.

The design focuses on the authors' thoughts – the use of different fonts ensures a clear but restrained tension: On the one hand, the contemporary sans-serif with geometric shapes and – especially in the monospace variant – angular accents. On the other hand, the generously set humanistic Antiqua with its calligraphically vibrant italics. Both together form the written manifestation of crisis and opportunity, of looking back...


Silver in Book Design 2022

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Bjoern Pust

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Lekkerwerken GmbH

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