Guang wei‘s single package

by Hsu Tzu Hsiang

Guang wai’s chopsticks are a type of compound chopsticks. In the process of making them, the company utilized both sophisticated 304 stainless steel and the Japanese Idemitsu Kosan SPS resin. The chopsticks have 7 different types of colors. Guang Wai’s main selling platform is online. Packaging inspiration was taken from the background of the person who is in charge of industrial mold making. I have utilized the paper with gray tones to deliver “The craftsman’s spirit of purity”. At the same time, it can highlight the reinforcement of the 7 colors of chopsticks.
This time, the biggest design point is to utilize the concept of, “the best quality is the best packaging”, as a starting point. Advocating generous performance of the protagonist, packaging is just an aid. On the single package chopsticks, the packaging utilizes two opening window shapes as the hole. This will help highlight the chopsticks’ featured and materials, such as, the sophisticated 304 stainless steel and the Japanese Idemitsu Kosan SPS resin. The packaging utilizes Taiwanese Tant Paper and utilizes the paper texture to reflect the company’s spirit: “every chopstick that has been produced, came from a Pair of thick and rough, but at the same time, delicate hands.” In addition, Domestic products have excellent qualities. The price is affordable, and because of these points, it makes more connections within the industries.
The upper edge is sealed with a pocket, adding the design that accurately fits the body shape of the chopstick. After the pocket is formed, a stable structure similar to a pie box is formed. This not only can reduce the use of additional sealing stickers, but also can be more efficient for the packaging people to speed up during the packaging process. In addition, it can improve the stability of the overall...


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