Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Rebrand

by SunnySideUp

The project:
Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) now speaks from a single, united brand voice after a successful rebrand with SunnySideUp.

For the first time, SCHF has rallied together a community of 70,000 donors and supporters under one banner, called the Movement of Many. It has strengthened its ability to raise funds for sick children. Donations through its website rose 48% two months after launch, compared to the same period the previous year.

With its new brand, SCHF is reaching for ambitious goals and engaging in modern ways to deliver on its mission of fighting for the health of all children.

The brief:
Initially, SCHF sought to simply ‘evolve’ its existing brand. But after conducting extensive research and analysis, it was clear to SunnySideUp that the Foundation needed a sharper approach: a full rebrand based on rigorous research and a robust strategy that would enable the Foundation to make the most of the opportunities available to it.

The design solution:
Strategy informed every choice made about structure, language, image, presentation – ensuring each element worked hard to achieve SCHF’s goals. A new logo formalises the acronym SCHF, marrying it with the Foundation’s core elements: Giving, children, the Movement of Many and action.

‘All in for kids’ health’ captures SCHF’s goals while a narrative tells a unified message of what SCHF stands for.

The context:
By creating new means to connect with donors and link them with each other, SCHF has kept up with supporters’ changing ways of interacting with charities.

The rebrand has been successful because of research, strategy and design work that understood the client, its audiences and understanding the needs surrounding providing for sick kids. By getting the rebrand right, the impact SCHF can have on helping sick kids, is limitless.

Client testimonial:
The new brand positioning for...


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Created by:

Lead Designer

Frances Greig

Design Company


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Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

Design Team

Creative Director: Frances Greig Creative: Vivian Lai Brand writer: Richie Meldrum Illustrator: Marco Palmieri


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Frances Greig
Creative: Vivian Lai
Brand writer: Richie Meldrum