VEDZMA – Provocative Fairy Vodka


Shelves with vodka bottles are the highly competitive environment. How to highlight a product among more than 200 SKU?
80% of vodka designs inside CIS-market are made with light color tones. Positioning is mostly based on traditional, national and cultural platform, and rational USP (compounding ingredients, formula and filtration…). We have chosen a new way:

Magic and miracles – that’s the people miss, living in the technogenic world. Therefore fantasy (for example, "Game of Thrones") has got a great popularity in the world. So, we created new brand VEDZMA (“WITCH”) with USP not rational but emotional: “produced by using secret spells”. Merging themes of alcohol and magic, we got an image mystical and a bit ironical, positioned as magic vodka, fairy tale for adults.

The character (sorceress, witch) attracts attention: as a beautiful erotic dream for men, as a realization of magic power and free flight for women.

We’ve found the way to reflect a magic using next decisions:

Convenient authentic bottle shape (as a medieval flask) fits well for any briefcase or suitcase. Asymmetric double-sided label, visible from both sides of the glass, holographically iridescent in different illumination, reminds about reality changing. Under direct sunlight the label flashes magically with all spectral colours. As a result, the bottle, extraordinary and attractive in any perspective, looks like magic artefact. Double-sided label allows to make the nonconventional placement of a product in points of sale.

Numerous details of graphic illustration motivate to keep a bottle, looking at details. The unique "burning" font, contrast mix of Slavic and Gothic style, highlights the product on the store shelf.

Distinguishing inside the product line is made by using different metals: there are copper, silver and golden illustrations.

Contrast gift box looks markedly on the shelf and works as an eye-stopper. The customer gets...


Silver in Alcoholic Beverages - Other 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Arman Auzhanov

Design Company


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Design Team

Illustrator- Lesha Limonov Lettering – Dmitry Schetinsky Designer – Oleg Zaharevich


Individual Credits

Illustrator: Lesha Limonov
Lettering: Dmitry Schetinsky
Designer: Oleg Zaharevich