The Lives Of Others

by Piotr Weber

"The Live Of Others" it's a game about meeting the others and deciding their fate. It's a free browser game of about 10-15 minutes of gameplay

SPOILER ALERT: This game has a twist. Consider playing it first and then to read the following.

The "The Lives Of Others" has few simple actions - walk, attack and heal - but one of them hides a mechanic that if discovered allows the player to interact differently with the characters and changes the meaning of the game, challenging initial assumptions.

The game challenges the hero power fantasy where players are rewarded for their deeds with gratitude and praise. Are unfriendly, antagonising or impatient people also worth saving?

The playtime is brief by design to respect players' time and to afford for a meaningful experience before they quit.


Gold in PC Games 2022, Freelancer

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Piotr Weber

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