by Yichin Chen

Using the visual language of the 50s shopping catalog that widely spread all over America, this illustration series is a visual experiment in probing the so-called beauty and social norms.
As a minority, I have been “offered” appearance-related suggestions no matter where I am by people who believe in those common norms, which kind of pushed me to the limit.
It is a great journey to reach self-acceptance personally. During that journey, I realized that many people are comforting the same struggles like me, which makes me want to address these biases being built by others/society. 
The reason why I use this specific visual strategy is because these shopping catalogs are basically social-norm propaganda that projects specific social biases that were being made by a group of privileged people. And I think this is a proper form and context to my intent.


Silver in Illustration 2022, Freelancer

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Yichin Chen

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