Joy promotion

by Nancy Mues

In a time when there is so much uncertainty, negativity, and fear during this pandemic - I felt compelled to create art and a message to remind all that see it that we are in this together and that love and kindness should always remain a central focus in our moral center and hearts. This is an illustration I created and a poem I wrote, produced as environmental graphics, placed in random outdoor environments, and given as clothing in the hopes of creating positive change and inspiring hope and love in such uncertain times. I've created sweatshirts, t-shirts, signs using window-vision on vehicles, and posters. I have given these sweatshirts and t-shirts to good people I felt selflessly helped and supported others and were a positive influence in a world that is struggling with so much turmoil. When we are faced with fear and doubt, the only way to get through it is to be brave, kick down the walls, and move into our truth. Positivity is contagious. Every little bit helps and is needed to bring back balance.


Honorable Mention in Illustration for Social Change 2022, Freelancer

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Nancy Mues

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