Les Petites Choses Production’s 5th-anniversary Newspaper Design

by Yen Lin Shen

The main design was focused on three core values of LPCP:
- Everyone can dance
- Boundless creativity
- Now School

I had to show the following contents through design and layout in the limited space.
- The important events that occurred in the past 5 years.
- The cooperation of 14 creators from 5 departments.
- Their spiritual concepts are clearly summarized and expressed.

This newspaper consists of two posters that were folded in different ways and divided into four different visions including the front of the outer poster, the back of the outer poster, the front of the inner poster, and the back of the inner poster.

Through the interactive folding of the two posters and creative ingenuity, the readers can learn more about LPCP’s history and story.

The four different visual posters can be used and posted according to different needs, but still keep a unified style.


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2022, Freelancer

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Yen Lin Shen

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Les Petites Choses Production

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