Safety 2020

by Janet Chen

Safety Conference is an annual professional development OSH industry-defining event that helps safety professionals stay relevant, network with like-minded peers, and see the latest innovations. American Society of Safety Professionals partnered with a branding agency to overhaul the ASSP master brand and asked for a quick add-on to redesign the Safety Conference brand. The logo and graphic element shapes were provided, however, brand guidance was not. I stepped in soon after the hand-off and developed the design strategy while redesigning the style guide. Since the annual conference travels to different locations within the US year-to-year, I thought it would make sense if the graphic shapes were layered in various combinations of color, pattern, and size – evoking a sense of place.

Safety 2020 was initially intended to take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. I selected certain shapes and created an arrangement to evoke a sense of the tropical and sunny location. After the 2020 branding was live for several months, the conference landscape unexpectedly shifted from in-person to virtual within two months. I felt it made sense to keep the look and feel consistent with pre-existing deliverables while placing an emphasis on imagery that reflected a connected virtual experience.


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