Interactive system design for Xsens

by Doop

Xsens has developed a product that can capture people's movements. This technique is used in Hollywood, for example, to make characters come alive. Xsens now wants to use this more broadly, for instance with top athletes to improve their performance, but also in the healthcare sector. This way, people who are rehabilitating can be helped better. For Xsens, we made an app-design that allows Xsens staff to show how it works. People have to stick the sensors on their body at the indicated location. They can drag the sensor from the right sidebar to the spot on the body to "connect" it. When this process is done you have to calibrate the sensors after which a scan is made, during which you can move your body. After this you get a report with statistics. Here you can see how far you could turn your hip, for example.


Silver in Interactive Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Timo Kleinhout

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