Fireside, Los Mas, and Oktoberfest

by Meaghan A. Dee

I have created package designs for all of Eastern Divide Brewing Company's beers. The first to launch in 2021 was Fireside, a hazy IPA. For the illustration, I wove the lettering into the smoke coming off of the campfire. In early summer, the brewery came out with Los Mas, which was a tribute to their taproom director Sam Sol. Literally translated los mas means "the more" or "the most." I hand-lettered the type to have the feel of a painted signboard and used high-energy colors to bring in the joy of summer. The most recent beer released is their Oktoberfest. For it, I illustrated fall leaves in a pattern surrounding a pretzel (because what Oktoberfest celebration is complete without a giant bavarian pretzel?). The blue and white and diamond pattern reinforce the connection to Oktoberfest and help make the can design easily recognizable.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2022, Freelancer

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Meaghan A. Dee

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