Grandvity 2021 Logos-Typography-Collection

by Grandvity Visual Integration Co., Ltd.

Crafting a logo isn’t just about beautifying words.
It requires you to place yourself into the clients’ shoes to understand the meaning of the brand, the industry and the audience in order to strategize and come up with a concept for the brand identity that will best suit the company and market’s needs.

Our work consists of handwritings of different languages, calligraphy, or customized fonts. We gather and mix up different styles and industries. From street style, art, fashion to commerce, adding scientific logic to aesthetics not only makes the logo beautiful, but makes a lasting impression.


Silver in Logos 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Noodle Wang

Design Company

Grandvity Visual Integration Co., Ltd.

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Individual Credits

Art Director: Noodle Wang
Executive Manager: Sarah Peng
Account Manager: Grape Chiu