Bard Prison Initiative Annual Report

by Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

The Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) is a program of Bard College that provides college education to people in six New York State prisons. Our work for the BPI spans across all communications channels from branding, content, and digital marketing strategy to web design, advertising, video, and social media.

For their inaugural Annual Report, “The Future is Now” is expressed as a visual theme throughout the 56-page report with a series of forward-leaning container blocks and graphics/language that illustrate current impact and how impact that continues to expand. As part of the BPI brand, we established a system called By the Numbers for displaying data. In the annual report, we build upon this system in various ways to curate the narrative and to give meaning to the data through radiating pulses and forward leaning blocks. These are used to visually demonstrate the impact BPI’s work has on their students that in turn has a major impact on a broader community. We played with the idea of ripples that show compound effect. To celebrate the occasion of this inaugural annual report, we expanded the brand color palette to include bright, vibrant colors.


Gold in Poster and Brochure Design for Social Change 2022

Bronze in Poster and Brochure Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ojus Doshi

Design Company

Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

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Bard Prison Initiative

Design Team

Anita Merk, Creative Director, Ojus Doshi, Senior Designer, Tim Falotico, Project Manager


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Anita Merk
Senior Designer: Ojus Doshi
Project Manager: Tim Falotico