Los Vientos

by Chapter Studio

Los Vientos is a high end real estate development located just outside Monterrey, Mexico. "Los Vientos" meaning "Winds" is named after the breezy currents of wind that the mountainous surroundings offer. Nature and life converge in this development as more than 300,000 square meters are protected landscapes and outdoor leisure areas. Only 68 lots are to be inhabited in this exclusive residential space.
As for the identity project, we aimed to contour the natural landscape with freehand strokes along the brand elements. For the brand monogram, a stylized version of a yellow foxtail plant that predominates the area. Along with a sans serif typography that depicts a modern, elegant lifestyle. The exclusivity of the development, asked for a sober, yet impactful color palette, using a dark blue, off white cream, and a copper foiling to accent the brand.
Professional landscape photography for the project was also included.


Bronze in Real Estate 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Alberto Pinto

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Chapter Studio

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