by Thackway McCord

Hum, a disruptor fintech brand pioneering ‘a better way to fund growth’ challenges the status quo of the capital-raising markets with a dynamic new brand. Deep Silicon Valley tech combines with Wall Street knowhow in Hum’s revolutionary ‘capital as a service’ business model, designed to help businesses raise money faster and more easily. We named this startup fintech business "Hum" reflecting their friction free funding, making business work better. Our hummingbird suggests speed, tenacity and flexibility. Hum’s visual identity is built from a carefully selected suite of elements. A fresh, contemporary color palette of electric, Yves Klein, YInMn-esque Hum blue, salmon and lighter blue. Bold, edgy Supera Gothic Ultrablack, with its birdlike flourishes, is the corporate typeface. And a suite of quirky custom graphics and illustrations that collectively signal a unique personality helps to set the brand apart.


Silver in Logos 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Bronze in Banking & Finances 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kat McCord

Design Company

Thackway McCord

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Hum Capital

Design Team

Bianca Seong, Kevin Grzejka, Dave Morreale


Entrant Companies

Thackway McCord, US


Hum Capital, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Kat McCord
Lead Designer: Bianca Seong
Designer: Kevin Grzejka