Smart LMS (Learning Management System)

by Proscom

Smart LMS (Learning Management System) is an adaptive, multifunctional online platform for HSE students. It enables universal access to educational courses, personal documentation, assessments, and various services and provides constant communication between the participants in the educational process: students, teachers, moderators and administrators.
Smart LMS has been a part of the HSE educational process for a long time, but its inconvenient, complex, confusing structure and constant bugs were legendary. The ascetic and user-unfriendly interface made it difficult to interact with the educational service. Therefore, our main task was to modify and modernize it, to make the interface convenient and native and to develop a custom UI / UX solution. Creating a Smart LMS based on top of the Moodle Platform was one of the principal requirements of the customer.
Fortunately we had found one loophole that would help us to create our own interface and literally put it on the top of the Moodle, creating a fresh and modern look. That loophole was the API — the ability to link a mobile application to the system for displaying the data from Moodle in a custom mobile interface. This feature is not provided for web versions. Therefore, we began researching the integration tools with the mobile application, so that we could later apply it to create a desktop web version of the LMS. As it turned out, there is no big difference in the approaches, and a month later we already had a detailed study on methods for integrating data between Moodle and our web application. No one had ever done this before.
As we discovered the integration tools, we created our own manual for developing the external interface, which we actively shared with other developers of the HSE services. These scripts can also be used ready-made when developing any other...


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Natalia Tarasova

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HSE University

Design Team

Daniil Antonov, Ilya Govoruha, Liya Feygina, Grigoriy Podgornov, Yana Alekseeva, Mariya Novikova, Ivan Marichev, Alexandr Safin, Yuliya Tarakanova

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