JOYNUP: Your Future. Your Way.

by Koombea

Joynup is a SaaS B2C platform that transforms how couples build relationships and communicate with each other, offering a new path to informed modern romance. Joynup's web platform helps couples discuss and form relationships, finances, and parenting agreements to strengthen connections and avoid conflict.

At this time the site is password-protected, so you will need the following credentials to enter and follow the normal sign-up process. In order to pass the Payment screen you have to use a dummy credit card in Stripe: 4242424242424242
Here are the credentials:
Username to access the domain/URL: joynup_admin
Password: Koombea2021?


Bronze in Website Design 2022

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

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Lead Designer

Hernando Saieh, Sonia Herrera

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Sonia Herrera Hernando Saieh