Brookfield Properties Manhattan West Marketing Suite

by Ralph Appelbaum Associates

The Midtown West Marketing Suite, part of Brookfield Properties’ 7-million-square-foot mixed-use development Manhattan West, is designed to showcase the New York City complex to prospective clients. Its visitors receive an innovative and boundary-pushing experience that unfolds in three distinct Acts. Act 1 is designed as a reception and lounge, Act 2 as a contemporary art gallery, and Act 3 as a formal conference space. The circulation between the Acts has been planned as a continuous loop; however, each Act can be accessed directly, without going through the entire circulation loop.

The Center's design leverages Brookfield Property assets such as historical photographs and objects, scale architecture models, branded graphics, digital media assets, leading-edge integrated technologies, and software-driven multi-media systems to fulfill its goals. As a result, the Center fully immerses customers in the Manhattan West experience, helping them understand how Manhattan West can enable their businesses to succeed today and in the future.

Working collaboratively with Brookfield Properties, we led the planning and design of all aspects of the project. In collaboration with the Brookfield Properties design, communications, and brand team, we established the guiding principles for the Center's design. These principles included: maximizing the use of natural light and views throughout the space while maintaining a legible media-rich experience; balancing the need to have open space for collaboration with discreet space for confidential interactions between customers and Brookfield Properties account teams; establishing an authentic and memorable customer experience that communicates the core messages of the Manhattan West project and Brookfield Properties’ ethos; integrating immersive media elements with architectural features to allow the Brookfield Properties Leasing team and customers seamless access to content throughout the customer's journey; and creating a sense of transparency, openness, and elegance through carefully chosen materials and thoughtful treatment of the interior architecture.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Design Company

Ralph Appelbaum Associates


Brookfield Properties

Design Team

Acme Professional - Audio & Video System Design; Lighting Design - Lighting Design; Jaros, Baum & Bolles (JBB) - MEPF; Thornton Tomasett - Acoustic...


Individual Credits

Project Director: Michael Maggio
Designer: Cindy Chang