Brand Identity & Packaging

by Beeswork Design & Production Ltd

We designed the logo, brand identity and product packaging for a range of natural body care products from Australia.

Origin of the brand name / The story behind the name
Australia is rich in natural resources and often produces many different organic products. Our client’s products are ACO (Australia Certified Organics) certified, a testament to their use of high quality organic ingredients as well as their stringent monitoring in their production process. The first step we took for this project was to come up with a name for the brand. Focusing on our client’s “high-quality organic products,” we associated it with the Garden of Eden – a thriving, untouched paradise where everything was good – as it embodied the qualities that our client’s products possessed.

Upon having a chat with our client, we found that though they were quite satisfied with the initial direction, they wanted to avoid affiliating their products with religion. After understanding their needs, we began brainstorming around the idea of “a beautiful and ideal world” and came up with two more concepts: Tao Yuanming’s “The Peach Blossom Spring” and Thomas Moore’s “Utopia.” We chose the latter as the body care products were from Australia, a Western country, and found it more fitting to position them with a concept that also had Western roots. After further research in the Greek concept of “Eutopia” (a good place), we took the word and combined it with “Organics” (to signify nature) and finalized our client’s brand name as “Eutopia Organics.”

Logo Concept
After deciding on the brand name, we moved onto designing the logo. In the original Greek, there is an accent above the “U” in eutopia (left image below).
Starting with this symbol, we adapted it into a simple illustration of a branch with a hanging leaf (pictured on...


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