Orga Kiddy packaging design

by 上海绘特文化传播有限公司北京分公司

Over the past 30 years, as a brand that strives for providing the best nutrition and healthcare for children, Ofmom has been developing products and services with the heart of a mother, ‘giving the best things to our children’. Orga Kiddy, an affiliated brand of Ofmom family, aims to build a world-class children's snack food brand. Based on Ofmom’s nutritional philosophy, it uses raw materials grown in Korea to enhance the child’s ‘immunity’ and ‘vitality’ with the healthy and pure taste of nature.
In the product packaging design, images of animals familiar with children such as elephants, giraffes, tigers, and pandas are expressed in illustrations at the child's eye level to give consumers a sense of friendliness. It also reflects the values ​​of Ofmom, which actively advocates for safe ingredients and healthy living as well as natural environment protection and wildlife protection.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2022

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设计总监: 崔成国
设计总监: 王瑶
设计总监: 潘大伟