The Story of Skyr

by Gagarin

Skyr is not only an inseparable part of Icelandic cuisine but also a strong part of every Icelander’s identity. It plays a big role in the local perception of history, symbolizing perseverance since it was the poor man’s food keeping the weakest alive through various hardships.
The Skyrland interactive projection is a chronological story about the remarkable journey of skyr!
The skyr recipe which came to Iceland during the settlement in the 9th century did not change over time as it was preserved by the Icelandic women for 1000 years.
Today it is recognized as an exceptionally healthy product that is being sent back to the outer world where it originated in the first place.
Design Challenge
The main challenge was to make a thousand-year-old history of a simple food product into an interesting experience, displayed on a single wall in an interactive, participatory and engaging way.

The animated story is projected on a wooden wall that illuminates with animation when touched. There are eight hotspots to trigger individual stories projected on the wall - visitors touch the bright spots on the wall to bring the story to life!
We really love when we can hide the technology as much as possible, and in this case, we used capacitive touch via copper plates that were installed behind the wall.


Gold in Interactive Design 2022

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Individual Credits

Art Directon: Magnus Elvar Jonsson/Jonmundur Gislason/Gagarin
Illustrations: Karina Doris/Gagarin
Exhibition Design: Snorri Hilmarsson