Givenchy E-Commerce Website

by Work & Co

Givenchy’s newly launched e-commerce site and experience gives fans and shoppers a new way of exploring collections through an interactive blend of runway videos and lookbook photography. The key goal was to simplify navigation and elevate the product and shopping experience. The new site leverages the monogram and logotype to frame all content, layering in branding with the streamlined, minimal presentation of products and imagery.

Features include:

--A renewed focus on elegance and simplicity, with a single type size and 2 colors across the whole site

--Closer alignment with the brand’s other customer-facing channels and seasonal campaigns

--A streamlined check-out experience with a focus on omni-channel fulfillment

--Enhanced product photography and sizing to let shoppers be immersed in the products

--A modular framework that supports seasonal updates and artist collaboration collection drops

The new is a reflection of the vision of designer and Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams. Work & Co collaborated with Williams and other senior leaders to bring the new site to life through digital strategy, design concepting, detailed design, and design QA.

Said Work & Co Design Director Joris Rigerl: “Together with Givenchy we’ve set out to create an experience that is effortless, purposeful and consistent. Sticking to these principles and focusing on letting the product speak for itself ensures that is a compelling experience across the brand’s increasingly diverse customer base, who are coming to the site from a variety of entry points.”

This launch comes as the brand undergoes broad digital transformation and has been increasingly innovating its digital capabilities. Earlier this year the brand initiated an exclusive drop of NFTs made with graphic designers. As V Magazine recently wrote “Givenchy has always been poise, sophistication, luxury—now, it’s also cutting-edge.”


Gold in Digital Design 2022

Gold in Website Design 2022

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2022

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