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In South Africa, people experience social pressure not to wear masks in the presence of friends & family, as it is seen as a sign of distrust. Add to this a belief that young people are not clinically affected by the virus, and young people were not adhering to COVID-19 best practices, but live in close proximity with family & friends that are more susceptible to the virus.

As a part of Purpose & the UN’s global Verified campaign, we built Zwakala, a targeted community-based campaign in South Africa. The Zwakala brand brings in visual elements that would be inviting and relatable for the target youth audience. The campaign is working with local community influencers, social media, radio PSAs, murals painted by local artists, OOH ads and more to actively change the culture & push young people to engage in preventative behaviour for their loved ones, asking them “who they are doing it for.”


Gold in Digital Design for Social Change 2022

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