Making Dental Care More Delightful

by The Molo Group

Does gentle, compassionate, and welcoming describe your last dental office visit? It would if you visited Bass Dentistry!
Located in Gastonia, NC, Bass Dentistry emphasizes patient comfort and enduring relationships above all else. When Dr. Bass approached The Molo Group with plans to refresh the outdated website—often the first stop for potential patients—we knew a welcoming and memorable first impression was essential.
We chose to use original illustrations to make an instant connection with users and to relay the fun, inviting office culture. The soft, playful color choices are intentionally appealing to family members of all ages. By using these graphics on social media, blogs, and the website, we're able to consistently demonstrate the heart behind Bass Dentistry.
Helping people gain and maintain bright, healthy smiles is just part of what the team at Bass Dentistry does. From the first website click to the in-person office visit, the staff aim to create lasting relationships with patients while reducing the stigma of fear, discomfort, pain, and anxiety that persists in the world of dentistry. So not only are the graphics attention-grabbing, they help deliver important information and inspire patients to develop positive ideas about visiting the dentist. 


Silver in Illustration 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Adri Montano

Design Company

The Molo Group

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Bass Dentistry

Design Team

Adri Montano, Jess Leftault, Jessica Dart, Kelley Tovias


Entrant Companies

The Molo Group, US


Bass Dentistry, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Katelyn Strumolo
Illustrator: Adri Montano
Designer: Jess Leftault