Mini Worlds: Branding India's First International Debating Competition

by Zero-G Design

The Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS) is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Ramco Group that aims to take competitive debating to students across India. Mini Worlds was the first international world schools debate format tournament hosted and conducted in India (Chennai) in 2019, where 12 national high-school debating teams from around the world competed for the title. Participating nations included: South Korea, Hong Kong, England, Wales, Ireland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and India.

The event's overall character was ideated to communicate a friendly spirit of competition, a youthful vibrancy and the cultural landscape of Chennai city. Integral to the identity design were three colored spheres that were used to torch-bear the event's branding. They broadly represented the three world nations that were coming together for the event while also being suggestive of speech mikes as the event's primary goal was to promote debating. The diverse cultural landscape of Chennai was brought to life through vibrant imagery presented through a contemporary window of India, curated food-carts and souvenirs at the event venue. Messaging was centered around Tamil to familiarize international participants with the native language of the host city.

The event was covered extensively by India's leading national and regional newspapers and online media, raising awareness about debating among students and parents. It drew thousands of students via offline and online channels and was successful in igniting an active interest in the Indian culture among participating international teams.

All print materials were created using non-toxic, recycled, environmentally-friendly, and carbon neutral materials and paper. This assisted us in educating students and participants about ways to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the creation of a greener and cleaner world.


Silver in Education for Social Change 2022

Bronze in Logos 2022

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Shalotte Sugathan

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Zero-G Design

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Indian Schools Debating Society and Ramco Group

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Bhaskar Chatterjee, Shalotte Sugathan