The Shift Website Renewal

by Garden Eight

The Shift is a design platform based in Tokyo, Japan. They provide users with new perspectives, designs, and solutions to their problems. For this website renewal, Garden Eight was in charge of the design and The Shift collaborated as the production partner.

This is the first official website of The Shift that shows the concept and the goal of the studio. Each page is given an optimal theme and a clear role in order to enrich the design. This is divided into 3 types: the static main page, with its emphasis on typography; the product page, with interactive 2D animation; and the research page, where free ideas are put into visual form. As an extra feature, you can see the past week's logos on the 404 page.

The website is using a white and orange color scheme, featuring 2D animation using CSS and WebGL. Specializes in design and R&D. Uses Gallery Modern Font and TWK Everett.


Gold in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kenta Toshikura

Design Company

Garden Eight

Profile Website

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Project Website

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The Shift


Entrant Companies

Garden Eight, JP
The Shift, JP

Individual Credits

Design, Website development: Kenta Toshikura (Garden Eight)
Produce, Creative Direction: Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Junior Creative Direction: Jiyu Park (The Shift)