Kazam Identity

by Skep


Reimagine the instant needs delivery giant Dija. There are many 'instant needs' grocery delivery companies, and Dija was beginning to get lost in a sea of competitors, all offering similar services. Founded by former senior Deliveroo employees Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban, Dija were in an industry moving very quickly, with a number of very generic brands emerging and fighting for the same space. The challenge for Dija was to do something different to competitors such as Getir, Wheezy and Fancy.


Magic. The product Dija had built really does feels magical to the user. After your order is placed, it arrives at your doorstep within just 10 minutes.

But the exciting instant-needs market had become a stale replica of its slower, supermarket groceries counterpart. Although there are a number of companies promising fast grocery delivery, a lot of the visuals in this 'instant needs' market fail to capture the brilliance and wonder of what the product is actually doing, and instead, felt like cheaper supermarket brands. We needed to change this.

We set about creating a magical world where groceries are summoned by wizards (not brought by riders), and grocery delivery speeds leave customers spellbound.

We completely reimagined what could be possible for a grocery brand.

'Dija' was replaced with 'kazam' - a name full of life, energy, speed, magic, and unexpected joy. An arrival out of thin air, by magic.

Soft gradients became paired with hypnotic spiral patterns (affectionately dubbed 'wand waves' and 'wizard whirls' respectively), to create a flexible visual language into the future.

And so, with a few waves of the wand (and a little hocus pocus), the identity ‘kazam’ was born.

Integration into their product and OOH marketing was key, with several large campaigns lined up, with product integrations and wizard...


Silver in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Chris Smyth

Design Company




Design Team

Chris Smyth Josh Hailes


Entrant Companies

Skep, GB


Dija, GB

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Chris Smyth
Creative Director: Josh Hailes