Put Me On by GoPuff

by Joba Studios

Initiated by GoPuff founders Rafeal Ilishayev and Yakir Gola, Put Me On is an online platform to develop and nurture a community of entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities to grow their businesses and thrive on the GoPuff platform. Twice a year, GoPuff brings together a class of diverse entrepreneurs to take part in a six-month program. As part of the program, their products are made available on GoPuff, and they are able to participate in networking events, monthly workshops, and 1:1 building sessions.

In collaboration with Joba Studios, we were tasked with creating the identity, branding, and website design for the Put Me On platform and vetting process. The identity needed to stay true to the GoPuff brand by including fun and bold images, fonts, and colors, but also be informative to the applicants and program’s mentors.

We created an identity and series of photographs that were playful and energetic, then paired them with a bold typeface and bright colors. The website, which consists of twelve subpages, was designed to be engaging and inviting.


Bronze in Websites Design for Social Change 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kevin Jones

Design Company

Joba Studios

Profile Website

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Project Website

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Design Team

Patrick Finley, Robyn Jones


Entrant Companies

Joba Studios, US


GoPuff, US

Individual Credits

Art Director: Kevin Jones
Designer: Patrick Finley
Project Manager: Robyn Jones