Lifting Social Stigma: Redesigning A Specialized Healthcare Center Experience To Empower Children And Families

by Blue Hat

Ehtiwa Medical Center is a developmental-behavioral center in Saudi Arabia offering a range of rehabilitation services that target children with developmental disorders and the community beyond.
Ehtiwa wanted to create a new brand identity that both centered its core idea of involving the whole family and community and reduce perceived stigma towards children with developmental disorders.
After holding workshops with Ehtiwa’s team, interviewing affected parents and analyzing emerging trends in the industry, we identified the needs of children and their concerned families as well as issues related to the brand’s touchpoints.
We had to tackle the services of Ehtiwa, methods to empower children and their parents as well as the center’s physical space to become a welcoming, community-focused environment free of the medical feeling of hospitals.
Brand Strategy:
With the brand personality of a Caregiver, we defined the new values of Ehtiwa: Empowerment, Inclusivity, Nurture, Empathy, and Leadership. Those values were then manifested in Ehtiwa’s new offerings and branding.
A. Parental Support
We created the “Power Hub” a space that offers training programs and support groups for parents to feel empowered. Local artists were invited to redesign this space with empowering messages.
To better support new parents joining Ehtiwa, we designed welcome kits to be part of the orientation phase. It included:
- A branded tote bag
- Branded items (pins, notebook, pens)
- Explanatory brochures about the program and center
- User ID Card
- Branded folder with educational materials
B. Converting Skeptical Parents
To convey the effectiveness of the program for skeptical parents, we designed the Wall of Fame featuring fictional characters of Ehtiwa’s kids telling their achievements. We also featured examples of influential figures with developmental disorders to show families that their kids can achieve anything.
C. Community Outreach
To allow remote schools, neighbourhoods and NGOs to...


Gold in Medicine 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Hayat Sheikh & Severine Haykal

Design Company

Blue Hat

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Individual Credits

Co-Founder | Managing Director: Sami Hmaidan
Co-Founder | Director of Innovation: Judy Maamari
Head of Design: Hayat Sheikh