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In today’s economy, traditional money-saving methods are falling short. Using information provided by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, we calculated that, each year, Kiwis lose over one billion dollars in potential wealth by leaving their savings in the bank.

Thanks to Covid-19 and the increased accessibility of trading platforms, Kiwis’ awareness of and appetite to be involved in their financial wellbeing is higher than ever. However, seeking out wealth managers and financial advice is still seen as ‘out of reach’.

In 2021, frustrated with the inefficiency and lack of innovation in the industry, we helped Kernel create a long-term savings solution that provided a curated range of investments to empower all Kiwis to safely invest for their future. The result was a simple, gamification-free investment platform to support educated investment–with a goal to foster a wealthier, more financially literate New Zealand.

Surveying over 500 current and prospective investors, we found many Kiwis are great at saving and repaying debt but hesitate when it comes to investing. Pivotal to overcoming this challenge was to create a new website that simplified the seemingly complex, and spoke clearly to a diverse audience.

This new website effectively delivers important information in a simple way to cater to various financial literacy levels. Users can quickly find and navigate through content relevant to their needs, creating a superb browsing experience. With its modern, mobile-friendly design, and clear content, it’s now easy to understand what Kernel has to offer.


Silver in Interactive Design 2022

Bronze in Website Design 2022

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Nick Hayes

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