Ofmom Brandbook

by Coree Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Ofmom Brand Book is designed to deliver the story of the company and brand to consumers by placing the history and brand values ​​starting from 1967 into one book. Ofmom Brand Book not only contains the general story of the company such as brand story, logo storytelling, corporate philosophy and missions, which are common with other brand books, but also includes the unique research patents and features and plannings of various new products.
The design features of Ofmom Brand Book consist of an external format reminding of the puzzles that children played with when they were young and has added fun element to complete the large design puzzle by following each separated individual page. In addition, since it has the feature of 'extensibility' in terms of content, it does not finish with a single publication, but continuously adds new products, research results, and development contents such as the expansion of the global network. The brand book develops along with the speed at which the history of the company accumulates. Such flexible aspect is designed to be freely applied on various platforms such as mobile and web to make the content easily accessible and downloadable. Also, it uses eco-friendly paper material to express Ofmom's philosophy for mothers and children.


Gold in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer


Design Company

Coree Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch


Individual Credits

设计总监: 崔成国
设计总监: 王瑶
设计总监: 潘大伟