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by Rock Agency

SOON Future Studies is a trend forecaster – a think tank distilling social sciences and analysing the precipice of culture today to understand what tomorrow looks like. It gives brands and businesses insight for strategising for future success. The objective was to build a functional, user-friendly and responsive platform, able to be managed internally by the client. The site also required eCommerce functionality for audiences to be able to purchase SOON’s Reports. Designing the information architecture has been the crucial UX element: We’ve favoured clarity and simplicity for navigation; and an interactive, bold visual style that’s both engaging and embodies the feeling of ‘future’. Rich media and animation create an aliveness that draws users in – the site offers countless interactive ways for the user to engage and explore. We’ve developed SOON's Reports to be delivered as online experiences, not flat PDFs, which is a key point of difference to competitors in the market. Reports are engaging; searchable by chapter/category; incorporate customised CMS, videos, gifs, and interactive graphs; and it all happens without compromising the platform's speed and performance in browser.


Gold in Website Design 2022

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Anna Harris

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Rock Agency

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