Andrés. My Cosmic Angel

by Yasmina Garcia Estudillo

This design is meant to encapsulate the essence and beauty of my late uncle, Andres. He was in love with the universe and taught me all that I know about the cosmos. His other two great loves in life were music and film. His spirit left this world on September 23rd, 2021 to take his place amongst the stars that fascinated him in life.

The typography utilized represents these three great loves of my uncle; the presence of the pendulums is meant to illustrate these in the following ways:

-For music, the ¨A¨ is home to a metronome, a tool used to keep the tempo and time sequence in music. 
-For astronomy, Foucault´s Pendulu. A device that measures terrestrial rotation, can be found in the letters ¨N¨, ¨D¨, and ¨R¨. 
-For film, the letter ¨S¨is meant to emulate the Dreamworks Animation fishing off the moon concept. 
-The final pendulum is meant to stand for my uncle´s Spanish identity in that it creates the accented É that is present in his name. 

The sequences of dots are a key element of the definition of the typography utilized so that the shapes take on the perception of movement through space. 

The sizes of the letters are varied to create the illusion of depth and dynamism and the immeasurable magnitude of the universe. 

The illustration under the typography portrays our solar system with the planets orbiting the sun. Two of the planets lead into the image of my uncle´s minimalistic face, etched amongst the stars in eternal rest.


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Yasmina Garcia Estudillo

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