5 Degrees of Separation

by Christian Jensen

‘Five Degrees of Separation’

This life sized seven foot tall sculpture was conceived to bring focus to the extraordinarily serious issue of climate change; in particular, rapid Arctic sea ice loss and the subsequent polar bear habitat and long-term survival implications. The vision was of a polar bear seeming to slowly disappear in the same way an ice cube disfigures as it melts. The dominating installation further honours the project mission by utilizing discarded hot tub lid foam and solar power.
The title ‘Five Degrees of Separation’ reflects the polar bear research communities clear and repeated warnings: At +5º of Arctic warming, the sea ice will be gone, and with it the natural habitat of the polar bear, a very specialized creature dependent on sea ice for survival. At present, the Arctic average temperature has already risen +2º, and is rising at ever increasing rates as scientists watch in real time the ice disappear before their eyes. No ice; no polar bears.

We are pleased to announce that this sculpture has been selected as an atrium centrepiece for a large institution focused on international ecological education.


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