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NewDays is a cross-platform conceptual product for the new work environment. The absence of  face-to-face workplace interactions has left employees more disconnected than ever, and managers are facing the challenge of leading a team in a completely virtual setting. NewDays provides managers with the tools to help maintain team morale, oversee performance, identify problems flagged by members, as well as onboard new employees.

We set about with the intention to create a friendly yet productive tool application for the workplace. Starting with identifying the core needs of our end users: managers and their team members. Once identified, we embarked on an iterative design process with several prototypes in varied fidelities to test on their usability.We knew that NewDays had to address the needs of an employee’s (including managers) entire work routine; from onboarding to becoming a settled, thriving member of the team. 

The home page dashboard is where managers can see a simplified presentation of things that need their attention; like how their team is doing, upcoming events to consider for the team, as well as flagged projects. Welcome cards are collaborative, animated cards that are shareable within the team. They make onboarding fun and joyful for everyone. The project pages display an overview of where the project is at in the current sprint and where exactly in the timeline the team member needs help with. There is also a section dedicated for resources relevant to the project space that helps transition work more efficiently. The kudos page highlights team members’ performances throughout their week in a more informal way. Managers can also identify and celebrate an individual’s strength in areas that they are passionate about from reviewing the kudos page.

The feedback received from our conceptual roadshow thus far have proven to be incredibly positive. Our goal of creating...


Gold in Digital Design 2022, Freelancer

Gold in Apps 2022, Freelancer

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Interaction Design 2022, Freelancer

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Inn Sun (Sunny) Park, Gabriela Sudirja, Jing Qiao, Yoyo Dong

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