Rep Magazine

by Erica Holeman

Rep is a new magazine created by the Stanford to help young people and educators understand how emerging technologies work. Through analog interactions, the workbook equip readers to ask better questions, design equitable technologies, and become better at understanding their own bias as designers and creators.

This first issue of Rep, “Help! I need some BOT-y” focuses on voice bots like Siri, Google Home, or Alexa. Participants wrestle with how their identity, race, and social status shape the tools they put into the world. Following issues will explore synthetic biology, machine learning, and blockchain.

Creative Direction + Visual Design: Daniel Frumhoff + Erica Holeman
Cover Art: David Alabo
Illustration: Yifan Wu

Lead Issue Learning Designer: Ariam Mogos
Rep Content Team: Carissa Carter, Laura McBain, Megan Sariha, Karn Ingram, and Lisa Kay Solomon
Photography: Patrick Beaudouin

All of the work is a collective effort made possible by the team, teaching community, and the students.


Gold in Typography 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design for Social Change 2022, Freelancer

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