2021 Holiday Card

by Brendan Barry

Over the last decade plus I have created a fictitious North Pole universe that I explore each year around Christmas via my personal holiday card. In 2021 I created a travel brochure for a North Pole desperate to restart a tourism industry in the wake of the pandemic. I opted for a full-colour trifold brochure digitally printed on semi-gloss stock to evoke the look and feel of travel guides you might find at a train stations or an airport.

The concept revolved around the idea of a travel pass with discounts to various sites across the North Pole. For the physical pass I chose a pearlescent card stock and used white foil stamps of asterisks to create snowflakes. Brown and red spot inks, inspired by winter berries, provided the rest of the pass' design.

For the North Pole sites and tourist information, I incorporated my own photography and illustrations to make jokes and references to the season's holidays. Additionally I used charts and diagrams for their shapes to make further jokes and references about the holidays.


Silver in Promotional Materials 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Poster and Brochure Design 2022, Freelancer

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Brendan Barry

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