Bloody Mary

by HSE Art and Design School

"Bloody Mary" is a classic cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice. The ubiquitous products for the recipe of the drink, the simple preparation, the mild taste have made this drink one of the most popular mixes in the world. The history of the creation of the cocktail is shrouded in mystery, several people claim the right to be called the creator of a popular drink. Today, "Bloody Mary" is prepared in all the bars of the world. The International Association of Bartenders has included the recipe in the list of its official drinks in the category "Modern classics".

The concept of a gift package of vodka "Bloody Mary" - premium vodka is based on the cocktail "Bloody Mary", combining two drinks in one container at once. This is vodka, but instead of the classic tomato juice, tomato liqueur is used, which is why the prefix "Strong" appears in the name. Two more names in a Serie - "Bloody Margot" with cherry liqueur and "Bloody Mabel" with grape liqueur.

The concept design of the bottle illustrates one of the versions of the name of the cocktail - the story of a cruel female pirate Mary in red. Mary's heart was broken in her youth by the tragic death of her lover. Vowing to take revenge on her enemies, Mary joins a team of sea pirates and becomes a prisoner of bloody sea raids and strong alcohol for the rest of her life. That is why the "blood-red" color of the liquor that is part of the product is poured into the inner container, which resembles a bloody heart – the heart of Mary in red.

Special thanks should be given to the Russian Higher School of Economics (HSE School of Art and Design) and personally to the tutor Evgeny Razumov...


Gold in Packaging Design 2022, Student

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Tanya Dunaeva

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Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Tutor: Evgeny Razumov