Svenson Packaging Design

by UCSI University

The Svenson brand originated in the United Kingdom. The Swinson Hair Center was established in London in 1957, the authoritative brand of health hair in the United Kingdom. Now Swinson brings his international cutting-edge hair health concept to mainland China, advocating a new scalp care and hair health concept that "perfect hair comes from a healthy scalp", and solves all kinds of hair for more and more modern urban people. And scalp problems. At present, there are many brands of health hair products in the market. In a highly competitive market, most brands claim their high-quality anti-hair loss and healthy hair, but this is not the case. Packaging design: The Jianfa product market is full of many packaging designs. We must realize the product design that can play to its specific advantages. Svenson is one of the major high-end health hair manufacturers in China, with its own R&D and experience stores. The excellent product is a variety of treatments for different scalp and hair problems that have been carefully developed for more than half a century. The packaging is specially designed and inspired by the structure of a hair. It contains pre-wash, conditioner, shampoo, and nourishing lotion. They are different positions of a piece of hair. They are used together as a suit. When the outer packaging is opened, the hair packaging automatically rises, giving people a sense of ritual. The care to emphasize that the hair inside the bottle almost comes from the feeling of meticulous care. The representative Svenson packaging design is designed to make it look similar to hair.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sun Jian

University or Design School

UCSI University

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Sun Design, Cheng Kin Meng

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